Trees of memory

I seriously do not wish to waste money. Hence, all languages will be available on this website eventually. (I am working on it, day and night, so please bear with me).

Of course, things aren’t perfect yet, and more often than not, Google doesn’t make things easier. Google Sites as a hosting provider has not reached peak efficiency yet, but I do feel it allows me to present something way better already, compared to my previous site.

You will find the drop-down menu to your left – have fun browsing! If you are online with your phone, seee the square with lines it it - this is the menue.

I do appreciate your constructive feedback.

I am not bilingual and English is not my first language. I will do my very best to transport the message - and this is most important in the current state.

I am seeking people who would translate the page "Home" into their mother-language. My goal: offering so many languages as possible.