Die neue Website für "Mario läuft" und die Seite für den Verein werden spätestens am 30.3.2018 online gehen.

Der Verein TREES of MEMORY e.V. ist seit dem 21.03.2018 als gemeinnütziger Verein anerkannt. Wenn du unsere Vereinsarbeit für Hinterbliebene und den Lauf um die Welt unterstützen möchtest, kannst Du die Spenden an uns steuerlich absetzen.

Kontoinhaber: Trees of Memory e.V.

IBAN: DE18 6735 2565 0002 2517 26


Wir danken von ganzen Herzen für jede Unterstützung :-)

We are programming at the moment a brand new website and we are doing a seperate website for the association too.

It will be online - latest time - by the end of March

Until then, excuse the little mess here

Greetings Mario

Because a suicide has torn my life into millions of pieces, I will plant

Trees of Memory

for the people who left us and those who were left behind, on a footpath, 75 000 km around the world, connecting more than 60 countries.

My goal is to create a prominent monument for those we loved. But it will be also a Symbol of Hope for people who are yearning for death. It will prove for them, that it is much more worthwhile to fight for life & the greatness of life than giving it up. The Trees of Memory will prove that each of us can accomplish incredible things, even in the darkest hours of life.

Please help with your own tree or as a tree patron. Together we will create something meaningful and from it, we will also support suicide prevention.