Axiur Accounting

Disrupting the Accounting Conversation


You bring the passion, we’ll bring the fuel.

With years of experience and a partnership philosophy that flips the arcane accounting and tax industry on its axis, Axiur is dedicated to helping you build a stable foundation for growth and discovering innovative solutions to your financial challenges. Building a thriving business requires a clear vision, an intense passion, and the right team to fuel you along your path–this is what inspires us and it’s the reason why Axiur is here.

9am–4pm, Monday through Friday, PST

Mission: To inspire and be inspired by our clients. 

Phone: 775.505.3403



Partnership Power

Axiur believes in the power of partnership. This isn’t a game to us; it’s about helping you thrive by actively participating in your growth. We’ll be there to answer questions, help you navigate the complexities of the tax code, and build solutions to your accounting challenges, giving you the right foothold to climb to the next level.

Passion Fuels Passion

Nothing lights our fire more than the passion you bring to the table. We thrive off of it and strive to match it, inch-for-inch. It’s this idea that inspires us to think outside of the proverbial box, giving us the insight and the motivation to find the perfect tax and accounting solutions to keep you fueled and ready for anything.

Meeting You Where You Are

Whether you’ve been crunching those numbers day in and day out or you’re nervous about even opening the books, we’re ready to jump in and take it off your plate. We understand the intricacies of building a strong financial foundation and we’re committed to helping you get there, no matter where you are right now. The only judgments we’ll make are on the beer you choose when we sit down to talk it through.