Student Alumni Association

Our Student Alumni Association (SAA) is a group of dedicated students that strive to serve our university community by connecting the past, present, and future. They are led by an executive board, consisting of 4 student leaders and a staff advisor. SAA is guided by three pillars: engagement, philanthropy, and education.

SAA members are involved in several efforts throughout the year to promote the three pillars. Some examples of these efforts are; conducting alumni campus tours, attending and hosting local and regional alumni and campus events, thank you note writing parties, visiting alumni, volunteering time with alumni, partnering with the Alumni & Development Office to put on the annual #TogetherForTransy, and campus engagement through education.

As a member of SAA students gain the opportunity to,

    • Leave their mark on campus by creating and sustaining Transy traditions
    • Build life-long relationships
    • Support the philanthropic efforts of our alumni community
    • Learn the importance and impact of philanthropy.

Students are focused on creating a bridge between alumni, donors, and students to enhance the student experience. We engage with alumni, educate students on the impact donors have on campus, and strive to create a culture of philanthropy.