Why Communicate?

It is very important to share news and stay connected. We are a rather small industry and even smaller academic landscape. By sharing information we can capitalize in all our knowledge and experience. We also want to make sure that news and announcements are forwarded to everyone.

What to Communicate?

News for events, milestones and new projects. Announcements for your institutions and departments, for example the MIIS Localization Program Reclassified as STEM Degree. There are many things we can communicate to each other, so please over-share!

How it works

We have created a Mailing List specifically for University professionals; professors, teaching assistants, lecturers and all teachers. This mailing list goes to your Translation Commons email which you get when you register. It is important to forward it to your regular email so you don't miss any notifications and important information.

Full information on How to Join

News and Information

We will be sending regular emails to the mailing list with all the information we have.

It is very important that you share information with us as often as possible. We want to hear from you a lot and with many bits of news and information.

Please write your news to

Once we receive news items from you we will add them to our News page.

When we take the news items and add them to the email sent to you, we will be deleting it from the News page. In effect the News page acts as a holding page until sent through the mailing list. All mailings are also linked for easy access.

Go the the News page.