Mentoring Group

About the Translation Commons Mentoring Group

The Mentoring Think Tank was conceived in true collaborative spirit and means to serve as a tool to help our industry’s professionals to prosper. Mentoring and knowledge-transfer are crucial to uphold the profession, enhance our self-regulation capacity, serve the market and people and offer value-adding services.

Objectives of Translation Commons Mentoring Group

We hope to do so by outlining as many aspects as possible to be taken into account when setting up a mentoring relationship, especially one that might not be controlled by a third party, e.g. a translator and interpreter association. We aim to help familiarize T&I professionals and students/graduates with the issues involved in Mentoring and Iay the groundwork for individualized Mentoring Charters and Programs.

Project Specifics

The collaborative document Mentoring Guidelines was created by volunteer professionals. It provides a reference system and the building blocks for a successful Mentor/Mentee relationship. It is to be used as a guideline to facilitate T&I freelancers, companies and schools in formulating agreements and managing expectations when providing or receiving T&I mentoring.