About the Leadership Group

The Leadership forum is created to help organizational leaders exchange ideas about local cultures and emotional intelligence that would help them better relate to and understand the needs values and social structures of their country.

Objectives of the Leadership Group

Our mission is to extend the valuable lessons of localization and transcreation from the marketing world into the realm of leadership for global companies. We invite all localization practitioners to contribute concepts that they feel would benefit a leader or manager in managing with emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills. Specifically we aim to:

  • Create a body of knowledge on localized leadership concepts
  • Identify cultural issues that would benefit global leaders dealing with mixed cultural groups or specific cultures
  • Facilitate the exchange between corporate leaders and localization experts
  • Expand the concepts of localized emotional intelligence

Leadership Principles Around The World

Here is a fun challenge for you all:

The list below contains several leadership principles as they occur in different cultures. However, sparing you the lengthy explanation, we have distilled the concept differences down to a single word. For example, the concept of quality translates so simply being something that works as it is supposed to work by USA definitions. However our French colleagues contend that quality has far more to do with how the object looks than how it performs. Thus we translated those respectively to “Works” and “Beauty.”

There are three ways to add to this section:

  1. Add another culture with which you have experience or of which you are a native.
  2. Add another leadership word or concept to our list and fill in those cultures with which you are most familiar.
  3. Challenge the representative word for a given culture if you think what we have done is inaccurate. The hard part is always getting a single representative word to express a cultural dimension.

Add your ideas here

Thanks in advance. Together we can create a bigger and better leadership lexicon.