Amara enables you to subtitle or caption videos.


You don't need to register independently in Amara. Amara retrieves your login information from Translation Commons login account.

1. Log into

2. Click on Translate -> Tools

3. Click on Subtitling section, then Amara.

4. Once in Amara, Click on "Subtitle Video".

5. Afterwards, insert your YouTube video URL. Click on "Begin".

6. Click on "Insert a new language". Select source and target languages.

7. Work on Amara. It shows a tutorial for subtitling / translating / post-editing.

8. Once you have finished subtitling. Click on "Exit".

9. Click on the green section with your email. In the dropdown, select "Videos" option.

10. Select the video whose subtitles you want to download.

11. Click on one of the languages the video has (the one you created) in the "Languages" section on the left.

12. Download the subtitles using the "Download" dropdown shown above. Chose any format you may consider convenient.

13. Come back to your Dashboard

14. Go to the Share section and then to "Contribute a resource".

15. Fill up the uploader form, checking "upload a file", and then selecting the subtitles file you have created to be uploaded. Alternatively, instead of uploading the subtitles file, you can just provide us with a link to your Amara video. In that case, instead of checking "upload a file", check "upload a link to a file / video ..." in the uploader form.

16. Click on submit. If you see the screen "Thank you", your submission was right. Otherwise, check the error by going back to Share Section in your Dashboard.


You must chose a video with "contributions" to Youtube available. To check this:

  1. Go to the video in youtube.
  2. Click on the wheel icon on the right side of the CC icon.
  3. Click on "Subtitles / CC".
  4. If you see the "Add Subtitles" option, then the video is configured to accept external subtitling.

Follow the instructions on how to subtitle in Amara you can find in the previous section.

When you have downloaded the subtitles file, to contribute them back to Youtube, do the following:

  1. Go to the video in youtube.
  2. Click on the wheel icon on the right side of the CC icon.
  3. Click on "Subtitles / CC".
  4. Click on "Add Subtitles". A new window will open.
  5. Click on the blue button with the "Add new subtitles or CC" caption.
  6. Select the language you have subtitled to.
  7. Click on "Upload a file". Youtube mainly manages formats ".srt", ".sbv" and ".sub". If your file is not in that format, go back to your Amara profile and download the subtitles in another format.

Here is another tutorial on how to subtitle a video from Youtube and upload the subtitles to Amara.