All communications within Translation Commons are through our g-suite. Your TC email is your main communication. All Group communications and website interactions are with your TC email. For example, if you request to join a Group, you will receive the notification in your TC email.

Activate your TC email

When you registered you received in your personal email the following message:

"One more step and you are finished: Please sign in with your username -- {Username:1} -- and your password you have just chosen to and from your Dashboard click on Mail. This will take you to your new Translation Commons gmail and it will activate all your apps in g-suite."

Once logged in, you are at your personal Dashboard. You can go to mail either from the drop-down menu of your name from the top bar, or from the Mail Icon in "My Worktools".

Follow the Google prompts to activate your TC email.

Forward your TC email

Once you activated your TC email, you can go to settings and click on "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" on the horizontal bar of Settings. Follow the Google prompts.