Talent Management Group

What we do

The Talent Managers help all the groups and ensure that both member requests and content are processed accordingly. We facilitate all the volunteer activities including development and language positions, as well as provide a helping hand for any volunteers that need assistance within their groups.

Our mission

As a group we moderate all the activities on Translation Commons and ensure that the TC voice and mission are adhered to. We support all members of our community, we help with all aspects of their engagement and we ensure that all content is relevant and accurate. We build trust and promote the true spirit of collaboration in our TC community.

Why Should You Become a Talent Manager?

Our Talent Managers, much like the rest of our volunteers, are the heart and soul of our community. Their passion for language and their expertise in technology are the cornerstones of all our initiatives. Their selfless commitment and clear vision of the roadmap that our industry needs to follow are a testament to the merit of a united global language community.

Our programs are solutions-oriented and we focus on actionable deliverables. We set achievable and realistic goals and we have a track record of providing solutions and delivering as planned. During 2020 and 2021 we are working on creating multiple free resources, guidelines, workshops and courses to populate the Language Technology Roadmap.

There are many benefits when you become a Talent Manager for Translation Commons, with the biggest one being that you would serve in a leadership role for our community. A lot of our volunteers are new and/or inexperienced with the topics and jobs being tackled within their groups, so they would seriously benefit from learning about their industry, as well as skills that could help them better serve the vision of Translation Commons.

The responsibilities of a Talent Manager include but are not limited to:

  • Assisting in activities to recruit new volunteers
  • Assisting in the volunteer on-boarding process
  • Facilitating Groups
  • Assisting in maintaining volunteer training material and documentation

Not only that, you can also collaborate with your fellow peers on any community project you feel passionate about and develop new skills, share your insights and see how the world changes in front of your eyes, much like any other volunteer would. More specifically; you get to accelerate your career, expand your professional network, learn from experts and forge strong professional relationships. Being a Talent Manager, especially, could be very beneficial for someone needing a leg up when applying for job opportunities within their field.

If you are passionate about languages and our work, spread the word by advocating for Translation Commons’ mission and join our many Volunteer Contributors.

What If I’m Not Ready?

If you feel as though this is too much responsibility for you to handle, don’t worry. We still have a wide variety of roles that you can take on as a volunteer with Translation Commons thanks to our wide variety of groups and services.

Even if you do not see yourself as a Talent Manager right now, you can always become one in the future after spending more time volunteering with us and learning more skills that you could eventually pass on to newer volunteers. If you are already a volunteer and would like more information on how to transition into becoming a Talent Manager, send an email to the Talent Manager for your group, or any of the other Community Managers (their information should be listed under the descriptions of specific groups in the Group page), for more information.

What does it mean to be a TC Talent Manager?

Service is at the heart of Translation Commons. Being of benefit to the global community and serving our members with humility and integrity allows for a transparent interchange of high-value resources, where knowledge and support is free.

Members, volunteers and leadership of TC observe a code of conduct that is based on personal integrity and transparency. We share information and resources with our members and all language professionals world-wide can use the free resources the platform collects and learn new skills.