The KLE Foundation has supported schools in central Texas that are helping low-income scholars get to and through college successfully. While we are inspired by the success of our grantees and the scholars they serve, we recognize that the world is changing and the future may look every different from today. The future of learning and work demands that we explore new models of serving our students.

To support education innovation in central Texas, The KLE Foundation will provide up to $1 million for new public schools and up to $200,000 for pilots at existing public schools that pursue innovations in blended and personalized learning.


We have been inspired by research, schools, and innovative programs around the country that showcase new and innovative models to prepare scholars for the future. These models have a commitment to equity and high quality schools for all children, blended and personalized learning, and computer science as a core discipline. Some examples are highlighted below.

This article talks about tangible ways educators can implement personalized learning in schools.

This case study discusses the successes of a personalized learning program in Pasadena ISD outside Houston.

This article discusses our current understanding of the role of technology in education.

Transcend Education is a non-profit school innovation partner and R&D engine. The 8 Great Leaps are provocations for how we design schools.

The Learning Accelerator is a non-profit working to spread high quality blended learning across the United States.

This initiative funds and supports the implementation of blended and personalized learning in Texas schools.

Summit Learning is a personalized learning model where students receive mentoring, work on projects, and engage in self-directed learning.

New Classrooms offers the Teach to One program, a personalized math model that can be adopted by schools.

Achievement First is an established charter school network that started from scratch to build a new school model.


The KLE Foundation would like to fund educators that are inspired by these and other examples of innovation that prepare students for the future. There are three different potential funding opportunities that we will consider.


New Charter Management Organization

In this option, an individual or group planning to open a new charter school in central Texas by Fall 2021 could apply for launch funding for up to $1 million. Up to three schools will be awarded.


New School in Existing District or Charter Network

An existing district or charter network would open a new, innovative school in central Texas that significantly departs from their traditional model to incorporate innovative practices. This option is similar to the first one, with funding for up to $1 million.


Innovative Pilot in Existing District or Charter Network

In this option, an existing school or group of schools in central Texas can pilot an innovative model within an existing school. The pilot should launch by Spring or Fall 2020. The funding would be for two years for up to $200,000 (up to $100,000 per year).


Phase 1

Interested parties should complete the Phase 1 Interest Form below by January 31, 2019.

Phase 2

In February 2019, The KLE Foundation will invite some or all applicants to complete an application detailing the innovations they will pursue. We will also request any helpful context and/or artifacts to demonstrate past successes and commitment to innovation. Applicants will have one month to complete this phase and will be notified by May 2019.



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