what is a service dog?

Service Vs. Therapy

Many people confuse the terms service and therapy. A service animal is for one person. They assist that person with daily living. A therapy animal is for everyone. They are not trained for one specific task. Intern they are trained in obedience. Therapy dogs give joy and happiness in a variety of settings.

Service dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Any breed can be a service dog, but their size and attitude can limit what they do. For example a terrier is not a good breed to pull a wheel chair, or be a guide dog. However they are excellent for anxiety, and alert dogs.

Although any breed can become a service dog, not just any dog can become a service dog. A service dog can train for up to 2 years before they earn their certification. Service dogs need to nave a certain set of traits. They must be friendly, calm, not aggressive, and comfortable in public.