11.02.2020 - 13.02.2020

KNX is one of the most important world standards in the field of home automation and building automation for the control of homes and buildings that occupies 80% of the market share. More than 400 manufacturers work under this protocol with 25 years of existence. More than 48,000 Certified Integrators in 138 countries.



1. ETS Campus. Obtaining the official ETS Campus certificate.

2. Topology of KNX Home automation installations.

3. Wiring and connection of KNX Home automation devices.

4. ETS5 Software. Basic functions of a housing project.


1. Turn on and off a lamp with a push button.

2. On and off of a lamp with two buttons.

3. Timed lighting of a lamp.

4. Alternative lighting of a lamp.

5. Turn on and off two lamps with a push button.

6. On and off of two lamps with two buttons.

7. Ascent, descent and stop of a window blind a push button

8. Ascent, descent and stop of a window shutter two buttons.

9. Place a window blind to different openings.

10. Adjust the brightness or brightness of a lamp with a button.

11. Adjust the brightness or brightness of a lamp with two buttons.

12. Turning on and off a lamp with motion detector.

13. Turning on and off a lamp with a touch screen.

14. Raise and lower blind with touch screen.

15. Lamp brightness adjustment with touch screen.

16. Touch screen configuration on the mobile phone.

17. Control of lamp on and off with the mobile phone.

18. Control of raising and lowering the blind with the mobile phone.

19. Control brightness regulation of lamp with mobile phone.

Target group

The training course is addressed to teachers and staff members willing to get basic knowledge of KNX, the most important standard for commercial and domestic building automation.

Language of the course



The course is divided in two parts: Brief theorical part and practical part. Our methodology is highly practical and participative, with a learning-by-doing approach.


* The pace of the course to complete the agenda will depend on the level of the students.

** Advanced students can do other complex practical exercises until the last day of training.

*** Participants must bring their own laptop since we will install a free version of the programming software so they can work autonomously and take back home all the projects and exercises solved.