Home Learning Tasks

Why is Home Learning important?

At Trafalgar School we recognise the importance of Home Learning and believe it is an integral part of a child’s education that builds independence, resilience and organisation. It is fundamental to the progress that a student makes, as it allows additional time for them to deepen their knowledge, understanding and skills. Therefore, this booklet is designed so that students, teachers and parents are all able to work together to ensure the best outcomes for learning.

What are the aims of Home Learning?

  • Form an integral part of teaching and learning
  • Consolidate what students are learning in the classroom
  • Provide meaningful opportunities for students to deepen their understanding
  • Challenge students to think for themselves and develop as independent learners
  • Prepare students well for the lessons and learning to come
  • Enable students to develop personal organisation, reliability and self-discipline
  • Celebrate hard work and success of students.

What are Independent Home Learning Projects?

Independent Home Learning Projects are specific pieces of work that are set as a project, across a term. They have a clear focus which links to what the student is studying in school, whilst also allowing the individual to work independently and develop their own direction of learning with personalised outcomes. Projects are set in all subjects each term and are published in advance with a fixed start and end date; students are responsible for completing their projects on time.

What Home Learning support is available?

  • Home Learning Club: 3-4pm every day
  • Subject teacher advice and support
  • Library, IT, printing facilities and resources