Tracie Cantu

Learning Technology Evangelist | Employee Experience Advocate | ATD National Advisor for Chapters

I love working with people and organizations to build solutions and systems that positively impact their employees and their business. With that in mind, I founded Metamorphosis Learning to help companies fuse talent development and learning technology to develop their employees, build skills that meet business goals and support workplace culture.

In addition, I am the Director of Learning Technology at Whole Foods Market, where I help shape learning transformation by delivering enterprise wide learning technology solutions that are innovative, relevant, and learner centered.

I have spoken at multiple conferences including eLearning Guild DevLearn, ATD Chapter Leader Conferences, and ATD TechKnowledge. I have authored and been a contributor for publications such as ATD Insights, eLearning Guild & Adobe white papers, and iSpring Corporate Training Blog.

In addition, I have served as an ATD National Advisor for Chapters from 2017-2019, and currently sit on the leadership board for my local ATD Chapter.

Lastly, I am an Austinite by choice, avid flip-flop wearer, and the owner of an expired punk-rock car. Let’s connect today!

StrengthsFinder Top Five: 1. Strategic | 2. Learner | 3. Input | 4. Relator | 5. Activator

Pronouns: She/Her