CCAS FOR holistic growth

Co-Curriculum Activity (CCA) is an integral part of Tampinesian holistic education. It helps create team scenarios and provides leadership opportunities for our students. Through CCAs, Tampinesians can also discover their interests and talents. If their CCA is something they enjoy, or have passion for, it can make mundane their school lives a lot more interesting and diverse.

CCAs also bring students from diverse backgrounds together. By learning and interacting with one another, Tampinesians develop true friendships and deepen their sense of belonging to the school and community. Our customised trainings and programmes also develop our students' character and social emotional competencies, instill values, and equip them with skills to be ready for future challenges.


Covid-19 pandemic disrupted CCA schedules and performances were cancelled. However, our students quickly embraced the virtual stage and gazed into cameras to continue delivering entertainment to their audience.

It was challenging for the young performers as they discovered that delays in audio can make the music sound different. They learnt to record their individual performances that were ensemble into beautiful performances using video editing softwares. They rose to the challenge and learned new skills to adapt to the new virtual stage. We are extremely proud of them!

CCAs we offer are