2020 Technology Sessions

The purpose of posting these session is for staff to be able to re-watch them to refresh their memory after completing the course. You will not get IDP points for watching these videos.

Managing Your Google Storage

Google announced the end of "unlimited storage" for school accounts. They are limited our district to 100 TB (terabytes) of storage - which includes the contents of your Google Drive (docs, sheets, slides, Jamboard, videos, images, etc), Email (even archived, SPAM, and anything in the Trash that hasn't been emptied) and Photos - (all of your content).

What this means for you! All staff is being asked to remove content from their Google Accounts to reduce our district capacity.

Know Your Storage Numbers

Go to your Google Drive and click the Storage Link on the left lower side. It will show the total amount of storage used, then the amount in your Google Drive, Gmail, and Photos. While we haven't yet set a limit for staff yet, if you have over 50 GB of space used, you need to get busy reducing your numbers.


  • Look for older files you no longer need and delete them.
    For example, in search box type before:2017/01/01 to find all files before Jan 1, 2017.

  • Upload videos to YouTube and mark them Private (only you can see them) or Unlisted (only people with the link can see them).

  • If you are/were a video taping teacher for remote lessons, please DO NOT delete this content - get in touch with Diane Kimsey and Robin Dixon to make arrangements with them to get the content ownership transferred to them so they can upload the videos to the T&L YouTube channel. This content belongs to the district and should not be stored in your personal Google Drive.

  • Move all personal files, photos, music, videos, etc out of your Google storage. Your district account is only to be used for district content. If you have a personal Gmail, then you also have a personal Google Drive and can store up to 15GB free there. For a nominal sum, you can increase that. Personal accounts are called Google One and 2 TB of storage cost $99 per year. Two terabytes holds a lot of files and photos! Move all your personal videos to your personal YouTube account and make them private if you don't want anyone finding them.

  • If you delete the files in the Shared With Me drive, you will remove your access to all listed files. documents shared with you do not count against your storage quota, they count against the owner of the file.

  • Do not worry about deleting files on a Shared Drive (formerly Team Drive). The manager of the particular shared drive will take care of them.


If you have never deleted any of your emails, it will be the most difficult to get under control. There are somethings you can do to make it easier, but it takes the longest to sort through and delete.

  • Get rid of old emails - For example, in search box type before:2017/01/01 to find all files before Jan 1, 2017.

  • Delete everything in the Spam folder

  • Look in Promotions (even if you have it turned off)

  • Look in Social, most of this, but not all, is spam

  • Empty your trash can


If you have personal photos in your district photos.google.com account, use Google Takeout to download them and then move them to your personal account.

  • Go to takeout.google.com

  • click on Deselect All

  • Scroll down to Google Photos and click on the box to check

  • Scroll tot he bottom and click Next Steps

  • Leave all settings alone except change 2GB to 50GB

  • Click Create Export

  • You will receive an email (when it is finished) so you can download the files

  • Save the files to a different cloud drive (personal Drive, personal Google Photos, Dropbox) or external drive

Once they are downloaded,

  • Turn off your phone sync if it syncs to your district account

  • Delete the images/videos in Google Photos

Transfer Option

There is also an option to transfer files to a personal account. I caution you about using this method!! It will dump files helter-skelter all over your personal drive and will even pull in files that do not belong to you from Shared Files and Shared Drives. You will have a mess and unless you pay for A LOT of drive space, you will jam up your personal Google Drive.