Secondary Newsletter

It has been a busy start to our school year and children have settled into new routines and are working well in their house teams. Well done to those students who participated in our hustings and to those who were elected by the student body.

Our secondary school is characterised by constructive, caring and trusting relationships and this is supported by our House System. All the students are part of a house team looked after by a team of house tutors coordinated by the Head of House. Our small class sizes enable all students to thrive; honesty, integrity and consideration for others is highly valued. If you or your child have any concerns please encourage your child to speak to their house tutor.

I hope you and your child have a wonderful, productive and happy year at TPIS.

Alison Bourke

Deputy Head of School & Head of Secondary

The Heads of House

Amazon House

I'm very pleased to see that Amazon House won 'House of the Year' in academic year 2018-19, alongside the Swimming Gala in Term Three. Congratulations to all Amazon students for their dedication last year and continued hard-work. I am hoping to continue the winning streak this year, as well as focusing on our charity week later on in the year to raise funds for our designated school chairty, Boonchoo Children's Home.

Pegasus House

Last year was a great year for Pegasus House; fantastic performances on the stage, great teamwork on the playing field and some wonderful academic results. I know that this year can be even better! Well done to all Pegasus students who took part in Sports Day, helping us to win the trophy. Also a massive congratulations to all who helped us raise such a great amount for our school charity, the most of all the Houses.

Vulcan House

I am delighted to now be a member of Vulcan House and help them to build their teamwork skills and improve on last year's results in the house events. I am looking forward to the inter-house competitions this year and hopefully we can take back the Sports Day and Swimming Gala trophies.

We will also have a House Charity event coming soon so watch this space!

Please find below the curriculum overview for each subject.

Newsletter Curriculum overview 2019-20