*Pricing is subjected to additional fees of $10 or more depending on the dogs coat type and conditioning treatment needed.*

Full Grooming Service

Our full grooming services are based on the size and weight of your companion.

Bath & Brush

All Bath & Brush Services include: Bathing, Coat Brushing, Nails and Ear Cleaning, Teeth Brushing, Check of Anal Glands and Sanitary

Nail Trims & Filings

Easily take care of those sharp claws by preparing your loved one with a good filing. Perfect for both Cats & Dogs

Dematting & Detangling Services

Eliminate that unwanted undercoat with a quick dematting and detailing service

Express Service Request

Request expedited service for an additional fee. Call to learn more about this service.

Primping & Coloring Services

Non-toxic coloring for your pet is just what the doctor ordered.