Across School Teachers

Roles and Responsibilities:

Core function of the Across School Teachers (ASTs) in schools:

  • Build staff capacity in Culturally Relationships for Responsive Pedagogy
  • Facilitate the development of school based Action Plans: linked to each individual school's strategic direction and charter goals
  • Work with Senior Leadership and Within School Teachers to provide evidence of addressing the needs of priority learners
  • Enable connections between teachers to share innovation and best-practice
  • Prepare quarterly milestone reports for each school:

a) school action plans, clearly stating what has been achieved

b) the impact of their work has had to date

Across School Team in 2019

The AST of Tauranga Peninsula Kahui Ako

ASTs working in schools 2019

NOTE: Allocation based on 13 schools and 9 AST (Lead AST in black and supporting AST in red)