Town Vacancies

Call for an Auditor

The Town of Chittenden is seeking to fill a vacancy on the Board of Auditors. If you

are interested in serving the Town in this capacity, please contact

the Town Offices or the Select Board.

Town Offices:, 483 -6647

Select Board:

Auditor Duties

Town auditors play a vital role in the

democratic nature of Vermont’s local government by ensuring that local

officials are accountable for their expenditures of the taxpayers’ money. It is

the auditor’s job to review the accounts of local officials and report findings

directly to the taxpayers in the form of the Town’s Annual Report, which is

issued before town meeting. The auditor’s function is to present a clear and

easy to understand picture of the town’s financial position to the people of

the town. The auditors also help direct an outside audit prepared by a Certified

Public Accountant every three years. The time commitment for auditors is

approximately 50 hours per year, with the bulk of the activity falling in

between August and October to review the annual financial statements and then

some additional time between January and February for preparation of the Town


According to Vermont Statutes

Annotated, the auditors must "examine and adjust the accounts of all town

and town school district officers and all other persons authorized law to draw

orders on the town treasurer," and the auditors must "report their

findings in writing and cause the same to be mailed or otherwise distributed to

the legal voters of the town at least ten days before the annual meeting.” 24

V.S.A. 1681, 1682(a)