Planning Commission

Mission of the Chittenden Planning Commission

Primary responsibility is to prepare and amend the town plan. In

addition, the Commission has broad authority to plan for the future

needs of the Town. Responsibilities include

· Preserve the rural quality of the town

· Conserve natural resources

· Encourage the protection of cultural and historic sites

· Protect water, soils, forests, wildlife, and natural areas

· Establish a coordinated, comprehensive planning process and policy framework to help guide decisions

· Encourage citizen participation at all levels of the planning process and work to assure that decisions shall be made at the most local level possible commensurate with their impact

· Consider the use of resources and the consequences of growth and development for the region and the state as well as the community in which it takes place

· Affordable housing for Chittenden citizens

Terms of office as appointed by the Select Board

Terms ending March 2022: Dave MacKenzie, Rod Munroe, and Leo Pond

Terms ending March 2023: Sam Hall, Joe Casey, and Lisa Purcell

Terms ending March 2024: Abbey Elliott, Ben Lucas, and Jonathan Yacko