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Webinar Topics

**For the most optimal experience, please attend the Back End Webinar first, followed by the Front End webinar.

Back End Training (approx 90 mins): This webinar training is meant to teach you the Basics and Fundamentals of the Back End setup for TouchBistro. This includes building your Menu, setting up Staff, and creating a Floor Plan. It is recommended you join this webinar first.

Front End Training (approx 90 mins): In order to ensure you and all of your Managers and Staff are ready to use TouchBistro, we have created a webinar that covers off the Basics and Fundamentals for using the POS in both Quick Service and Full Service style venues. It is recommended you join this webinar second.

Reservations Training: A complete guide on how to use your TouchBistro Reservations system. You will learn how to navigate around your TouchBistro Reservations iPad app, sheet versus floor plan views, block periods, add and manage reservations, waitlists and assign server sections. We will also go over website browser settings for administrators of the account. It is recommended you join this webinar if you are using TouchBistro Reservations at your restaurant.

Loyalty Training: Basic Setup: This webinar is intended to provide an overview of the loyalty platform. You will learn how to log in, manage tabs, create basic loyalty programs and rewards. You will also learn how to set up and customize your web app. This is a required webinar for all Loyalty customers.

Loyalty Training: Advanced Setup: This webinar will cover the advanced features of TouchBistro loyalty including creating & sending promotions, guest reporting, and Loyalty Premium. Please attend the Loyalty Basic Setup webinar prior to attending this webinar.

Reporting Webinar (approx 75 mins): A one-stop shop for all your reporting questions. Here you will learn how to navigate reports in the iPad and your Cloud portal, as well as our recommended practices for understanding reports, customizing your own, and how to send to those who need them. This webinar is beneficial for business owners, general managers, and bookkeepers. It is recommended you join this webinar immediately after launching your POS at the venue.

TouchBistro - Online Ordering Cloud Enablement: Your TouchBistro POS setup must be complete before you can set up online ordering. In this webinar we will go over optimizing your menu for online ordering, enabling online ordering in the cloud, configuring your settings & schedule as well as marketing tips to promote online ordering.