Instructional Support Services

ISS After School Activities


Tottenville High School provides a wealth of academic and social supports for students with disabilities. Students receive academic instruction as per their IEP mandate in a variety of settings, including SETSS, Integrated Co-Teaching, Special Class 15:1, 15:1 Alternate Assessment, and ICTS NEST. We also offer the following related and support services as per IEP mandates: counseling, speech and language, vision education services, hearing education services, occupational therapy and physical therapy.

The school offers elective credit for transition classes which focus on relevant career, home and job readiness skills that students need to master in order to be independent members of their community. Students learn how to budget for grocery shopping, explore career options, and learn to research solutions to everyday issues. Guest speakers visit classes and students go on class trips.

The school offers a daily morning Breakfast Club, which focuses on healthy meals and developing social skills. Students make new friends and begin the day with the support of school staff. Each afternoon students have access to all school clubs and teams as well as ASD after school clubs specifically designed to improve student’s social interaction with their peers. For example, on Mondays students prepare a variety of healthy snacks and meals while learning about healthy lifestyles. On Wednesdays we run a game room with ping Pong, Connect Four, chess and other board games and sports. Students often form valuable friendships that continue outside of school. We also run an alternate lunchroom program during each lunch period for students who would prefer to eat lunch in a smaller social setting. School staff supervise and encourage appropriate social behaviors in a game room setting.

Our ongoing goal is to work with parents to assist our students in gaining the academic and social skills they need to flourish in our community.