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Science Recent Events

Stop By A308 to sign-up

Beach Cleanup Saturday, September 29th

Community Service

Robotics Club

Meetings Tuesday and Wednesdays

Room A213

NYC’s BRING IT campaign

BRING IT challenges New York City students to build a cleaner, healthier city, starting with one new habit: bringing a reusable water bottle everywhere they go.

Regents Tutoring:

- Physics Tutoring starts TBD , 2:30 pm room C202

- Chemistry Tutoring starts Friday, September 2:30 room A216

Take a look at the Regents

NY State offers Regents exams in the following subject areas:

  • Science
    • Chemistry
    • Earth Science
    • Living Environment
    • Physics

New York State Living Environment Regents Exams:

New York State Living Environment Regents Answer Key:

New York State Earth Science Regents Exams:

New York State Chemistry Regents Exams:

New York State Physics Regents Exams:

Robotics After-School

Wednesday 2:20 room A213

Soap Box Building After-school

Tuesday 2:20 room A213

High School Science Opportunities

Science Course Offerings

A view of our garden.

Medical Assisting Program

Forensics Class

Advance Placement Biology

Advance Placement Chemistry

Advance Placement Physics

Advance Placement Psychology

Students interested in:

  • Environmental Club
  • Gardening
  • Dental Club
  • Robotics
  • Soapbox Derby
  • Lab Squad
  • Community Service hours

Please contact Assistant Principal of Science in room A308

Tutoring Schedule

  • Chemistry tutoring period 3 Monday - Friday
  • Earth Science & LE period 8 Monday - Friday