To The Moon & Back

"To the Moon & Back: 

Your Remote Back Office Assistant"

At To the Moon & Back, we are your trusted remote back office assistant, dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of services to help streamline and enhance your business operations. Our mission is to take your administrative and financial burdens off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on what you do best – growing your business.

Our services encompass a wide spectrum of essential tasks, ensuring that your back-office operations run smoothly and efficiently. 

Here's an overview of what we offer:

Data Entry:  Accurate and timely data entry services to ensure that your information is organized and easily accessible.

Accounts Payables and Receivables:   Managing your payables and receivables, including invoice processing, bill payments, and customer invoicing, to maintain healthy cash flow.

Reconciliation:  Regular reconciliation of accounts to ensure that your financial records are error-free and up-to-date.  We can also act as your 3rd party reconcile.

Payroll:  Efficient payroll management, including calculating employee salaries, tax withholdings, and generating paychecks.

Budgeting: Developing and maintaining budgets that align with your financial goals and business objectives.

Monthly Reports: Creating detailed monthly reports that provide insights into your financial performance, helping you make informed decisions.

Policy and Procedure Development:  Crafting comprehensive policies, procedures, and "how-to" instructions to streamline office operations and maintain consistency.

QuickBooks:  Erin, our QuickBooks Pro Certified Advisor for Desktop and QuickBooks Online, ensures that your accounting software is optimized for your specific needs.  We offer in office training as well and creation of instructional manuals for your office.

Financial Analysis:  Conducting in-depth financial analysis on a monthly or quarterly basis to identify areas for improvement and efficiency enhancement.

Vendor and Supplier Negotiation:  Acting as a 3rd party intermediary to negotiate contracts with your suppliers, vendors, or subcontractors, ensuring favorable terms for your business.

Insurance Records Management:  Maintaining subcontractor certificates of insurance requirements and performing insurance audits yearly.

Remote or On-Site Services:  Flexibility to perform services remotely or at your location, depending on your preferences and requirements.

Our commitment is to be your reliable partner, providing the professional expertise and attention to detail you need to achieve your business objectives. 

With To the Moon & Back as your back-office assistant, you can expect enhanced efficiency, improved financial management, and peace of mind, knowing that your administrative tasks are in capable hands. 

We're here to support your journey "to the moon and back – your new back office."



"I’ve always put a premium on trust and Erin has never failed to deliver. Not only does she deliver on her tasks, but she is also a team player, reminding others, and assisting where she can, of their action items."

- Whitaker Funeral Home

"I was told it was impossible or too time-consuming. Erin, understanding the challenges stepped up and without hesitation showed me her determination and willingness to complete this monumental task. Erin’s attention to detail and experience in these matters has been priceless." 

- Innovative Solutions HVAC

Meet Erin Wessinger, Owner

Owner and operator of To the Moon & Back, Erin Wessinger is a proud original Chapin local, and in brings a wealth of expertise and a deep commitment to our community.

With a Paralegal degree encompassing all fields of law, Erin possesses a comprehensive understanding of legal intricacies, making them an invaluable asset to any organization. Her dedication to excellence is exemplified by her achievement of the most prestigious certification as a Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM). This accolade speaks volumes about her commitment to professionalism, leadership, and ethical conduct.

Notably, Erin was the proud owner and operator of a homeowner's association management firm in Murrells Inlet, SC, where she demonstrated exceptional skill in managing 22 associations and boards. Her hands-on experience in this capacity has provided a profound understanding of the intricacies of community management, governance, and the unique challenges faced by boards and businesses alike. 

After making the choice to return to her childhood hometown, Chapin, she shifted her focus towards specializing in bookkeeping services tailored for small businesses and contractors. With a lifelong familiarity with the construction industry, she promptly connected with contractors seeking her expertise. Through positive word-of-mouth referrals, she rapidly acquired numerous clients. This eventually led her to cross paths with Robby Bettis, who would become both her business partner and life companion, culminating in the establishment of R Bettis Construction.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Erin is deeply passionate about giving back to the community. Her involvement in various local initiatives and their leadership showcase her unwavering dedication to creating thriving and harmonious communities.  She serves as an Ambassador for the Chapin Chamber, a Board member for Fidelis Family Retreat and remains entwined in our community.

Erin Wessinger brings a unique blend of legal expertise, community management proficiency, and a genuine passion for fostering positive change.  

In addition to her experience, she is certified by the Community Association Institute (CAI), and is a  QuickBooks Pro Advisor.  Erin is an Ambassador for the Greater Chapin Chamber of Commerce, and enjoys helping local small businesses grow and succeed.

Verified Turbo Tax Pro

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