Clases del Sr. Smith

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Horario del Sr. Smith

Primera Hora: Epañol Avanzada en GJHS

Segunda Hora: Español Básico en GJHS

Tercera Hora: Español 1

Cuarta Hora: Español 2

Quinta Hora: Español 2

Sexta Hora: Español 1

Séptima Hora: Español 4 y 5

Octava Hora: Español 1

Novena Hora: Español 2

Décima Hora: Español 3

Como contactarse con Sr. Smith


número de teléfono - (435) 884-4500 ext. 3162

Opciones para la tarea de recuperación - Make up work options

If a student misses a day, they can choose from one of the following options:

  1. 30 minutes extra study time of notes or Duolingo. Must complete all other options before completing this for a second make up assignment. Have a parent sign a note to bring in.
  2. 1 page essay on country of choice - an English option, please don't copy/paste the info from the internet. Only available once per quarter. A different country must be chosen each quarter.
  3. 1 page essay on the benefits of learning a second language - an English option, only available once for the year.
  4. 1 page reflective essay on what you have learned in Spanish. - an English option, only available once per quarter.
  5. ½ - 1 page story in Spanish (No Translators) - Stories using an online translator or fluent person will not count. This must be entirely your work. Available twice per quarter.
  6. watch 30 minutes of a movie and record Spanish words heard - Only available once per quarter. Bring in the list of words that you wrote.
  7. Hold a 20 minute conversation with a fluent friend or relative. - The friend must be in Spanish 3 or higher. Have the friend or relative sign a note to bring back.
Spanish Disclosure Statement 2018-19