Year 11 - 13

Education Year 11 to 13 NZQA

YEAR 11 - 13

The Senior School caters for students in Years 11-13. The teaching staff provides quality learning where students are taught in a supportive, caring environment and develop a positive vision for the future.We aim for excellence and encourage our students to achieve their best in a wide range of activities. Each student is seen as an individual with particular talents and needs. Students and staff are expected to treat one another with care and respect and abide by the Cornerstone Values.

We are proud to have a senior school which offers a multi- level curriculum in a wide range of NZQA approved courses that cater to the needs of our students.

Our programmes provide students with self worth, confidence a strong sense of identity and fosters pride in who they are. Students have access to extension programmes such as; Snow Squad, Toi Ohomai, Gateway and Maori Performing Arts. Student that have a desire to achieve and regularly do so.

We have a qualified, enthusiastic, committed, passionate and caring staff, and a caring student community lead by our school leaders.