Year 9 - 10 Diploma

Year 9 / 10 Term 3 Programme

Teachers of students in Years 9 and 10 are developing a programme that contributes and supports student learning collectively. Below is the programme for this group of students for Term 3:

Te Reo Māori - Teacher - Miss Oneroa

Manaaki Taonga/How do we as Tūwharetoa celebrate? Communicate about past activities and events.

At the end of this term students should be able to identify ways of how Tūwharetoa celebrate. Diploma credits available:

• Te Rautau o Hirangi & Korohe - What? 1 credit week 2

• Te Taiopenga - Why? 1 credit week 4

• Tūwheratanga o Pakira - How? 1 credit week 6

• Koroneihana - Where? 1 credit week 8

• Tōku marae - How do I celebrate my marae? 1 credit week 10

(Research on own marae)

Mathematics - Teacher - Mr Cant

This term Year 9 and Year 10 students are doing different topics as this allows the Year 9 students to work at their level and Year 10 students to be better prepared for NCEA next year. During Week 3 there will be two assessments as follows:

Year 9 students- Algebra, and Year 10 students- Statistics and Probability.

For the rest of the term Year 9 students will be working on Statistics and Probability, while Year 10 students will be doing Transformations. Transformations include reflection, rotation, translation and enlargement - there are lots examples of these all around us every day, including at the marae.

Physical Education - Teacher - Ms Butler

There are 5 Credits available for PE this term, these are based on participation, bringing PE gear, and creating a game unit. PE Gear is a requirement please. The PE programme will consist of three topics as follows:

Create a game unit, this is about taking a range of sports and modifying these to morph into a new game. The students are then required to teach their game to the class.

Turbo Touch - fast action packed modified game of touch.

Fast 5 Netball - fast paced and plenty of shooting action. The modified game.

Science - Teacher - Mr Carter

Material world

At the end of this term students should understand that we are all surrounded by matter on a daily basis. Anything that we use, touch, eat, etc. are examples of matter.

Through this context we will be linking to aspects within festivals and celebrations.

Social Science

Living on the minimum wage

The students will learn how far a dollar goes and what it costs to live. Through this context we will be learning what are the costs of celebrations and festivals that are important to us.

Visual Art - Teacher - Mrs Rangiwananga

Understanding the Visual Arts in Context/ Communicating and Interpreting in Visual Arts

This term students are studying 5 different festivals and celebrations- The Day of the Dead, Weddings, The Indigenous World Games, Matariki and Guy Fawkes. The focus is on the objects and images associated with these events. By the end of week 4, students will have chosen a celebration/ festival to research further and begun a plan of what they are going to make that is associated with their celebration/ festival. The outcome will be a sculpture of some sort and a digital presentation that support this. There will be 7 credits available.

English - Teacher - Mrs Lumley

Our topic this term is 'Festivals and Celebrations'. Students will self-select a celebration from their month of birth. The focus is on developing skills needed in preparation for NCEA in Year 11. Spelling, writing, and language features will also be covered. 5 credits overall for this term are available. Assessments are as follows:

Creating a visual text to support oral presentation -Assessment week 3

Using the same information, translate to a static image - Assessment Week 6

Creative writing - Assessment Week 9

Health – Teacher Ms N Lewis

Describe physical, social, emotional, and intellectual processes of growth and relate these to features of adolescent development and effective self-management strategies. Investigate and practise safety procedures and strategies to manage risk situations.

This term student’s will study drugs and alcohol in relation to Celebrations and Festivals. We will cover: what is legal and illegal, the positive and negative impact drugs and alcohol have on lives, what is the relationship between celebrations/festivals and drugs and alcohol - what is traditional or changed over time, and the effects of binge drinking on us socially, emotionally, and physically.

Food Tech

Planning for Practice/ Outcome Development and Evaluation.

Students in this option will plan and create a feast based on a celebration or festival they have chosen to research. They will need to trial a range of dishes and evaluate these based on their fitness for purpose against the brief.