2018 BOT

Tongariro School Board of Trustees 2018

Key Roles of the Board

Take overall responsibility for the school.

Set goals and policies for the school and monitor performance of the school against those goals and policies.

Appoint and support the principal of the school.

Ratify the appointment of all staff.

Ensure that the school operates as a good employer.

Ensure that there is a good communication between the school and its community.

The Board's role is not a "hands on" management activity. The Board sets goals and policies, the principal and staff implement them by fulfilling the day to day management and professional tasks within the school.

The Board of Trustees meet every third Monday of each month in the Board room. As this is a public meeting, parents, guardians and other interested parties may attend as well.

Board Members

Janice Beauchamp

Waitapu Beech

Tangonui Kingi

Joanne Matene

Kiley Millar (Chairperson)

Sheree Winter

Hayley Holt (Staff Representative)

Airon Reweti-Clark (Student Representative)

Steven Allen (Principal)

Donna Searancke (Minute Secretary)

BOT Meeting Dates


August 20

September 17

October 29

November 19

December 10

Public Holidays

Labour Day 22nd October 2018 Monday

Christmas Day 25th December 2018 Tuesday

Boxing Day 26th December 2018 Wednesday

2018 School Terms

Term 3

Monday 23rd July - Friday 28th September

Term 4

Monday 15th October - Wednesday 12th December 2018