Tongariro School Services Academy

Entry into the Services Academy is on approval of Staff George Jensen. The Academy offers a 2 year programme for year 11 and 12 students that involves Military focused courses and activities. Students in the academy wear a military style uniform and are expected to complete '‘drill’ every morning.

Service Academy counts towards two of students six subject choices and students may be directed in what other four subjects they may choose.

Areas of Study

NZDF PROGRAMME- NCEA Level 2. 23 credits available; NCEA Level 3. 24 credits available. Evidence collected from EOTC events; Induction camp Waiouru; Bush craft camp; Adventure challenge, Basic leadership and Advance leadership courses.

AUTOMOTIVE PROGRAMME - NCEA Level 2. 13 credits. Introduction to car and motor bike ownership and responsibilities and Motor industry careers. Car and Motor bike licence

CHAINSAW PROGRAMME - NCEA Level 2. 13 credits. Basic chainsaw operation and responsibilities

MANAAKI FITNESS PROGRAMME- NCEA LEVEL 2. 18 credits. An introduction to the Fitness and gym industry

NUMERACY PROGRAMME - NCEA LEVEL 1. 10 credits. Number; Measurement; Multivariate Data; Statistics; Wages


Expected out-comes

● Achieved NCEA Level 2, the foundation for success in further education and the world of work.

● Developed skills and knowledge that employers value and are relevant to their industries

● Opportunities to return to mainstream education with a view of going onto tertiary education or taking up a pathway and possible employment in either the Primary industries, Construction and Infrastructure, Manufacturing and Technology, Social and Community services, Services Industries or Arts and Creative sectors.

● Opportunities to enter the NZDF where they offer over 115 career choices at all levels, with a starting salary at approximately $30,000 per annum.