2020 News

Bicycle Road Safety Training

Fourteen Year 6-8 students participated in the Bicycle Road Safety Training, Mon 22nd -Tue 23rd, 9-1pm. The program was delivered by three Bike Safety teachers, Whaea Kath, Whaea Susan and Matua Bernard.

We were taught how to check our bikes and bike helmets to ensure both were up to road worthy standard before riding. We were then split into groups so each teacher could gauge how confident the students were at riding, braking and changing gears appropriately.

In our groups, we were taken out into the streets where we observed traffic and their behaviour on the roads, learnt how to turn left and right correctly, including riding positions on the road such as primary and secondary, and performing correct hand signals for indicating and stopping.

We were also taught how to ride through the two roundabouts in town, riding straight through, exiting on your right and exiting on your left. These were quite nerve-wrecking lessons as we often had traffic in front, behind and on either side of us. Luckily, we had observed driver behaviour beforehand to understand the importance of strong and correct hand signals, biking confidently in our riding positions to indicate clearly to traffic, what our riding intentions are and a technique we learnt called ‘owning our lane’.

After the road safety course, the teachers took the groups to the River Track to treat the students to an exciting bike ride.

This was a valuable course for our students age 10 years and up to participate in. The students learnt important road safety skills as well as bike check skills vital for our community where our tamariki are often on bikes. I highly recommend this course for a 2020 intake.


The Warehouse Red Shirts in Schools Gateway training is designed to give students a great opportunity to get hands-on experience of what it’s like to work in the exciting retail industry, and make helpful professional contacts for when they leave school. The training is a partnership between Service IQ and The Warehouse.

There are many different roles in the retail and retail supply chain industry, from customer service, stock management, in-store merchandising, to supervisors, store managers and regional managers. Many employers also offer staff the opportunity to train on job, gain qualifications and advance their career by moving up into supervisor and management roles.

On leaving school, many students who have participated in The Warehouse Gateway training have gone on to develop their skills and build careers with New Zealand’s popular retailer.

Students upon reflection say, they are enjoying the experience, evident by the smile on their faces, and don’t they look smart in their uniforms

The Honourable Louise Upston visited the year 9/10 students to talk about Parliament. To make this a really exciting event was the fact she brought along 30 virtual reality headsets for the students to have a virtual tour of Parliament. To top this, we were told that the headsets have been donated to our school courtesy of Spark. We are really looking forward to using these to explore all sorts of virtual reality apps to enhance our learning.


Services Academy student, Leiton Rihia completed this Engineering project recently. The machine had to be stripped down, a motor cycle engine adapted, bits modified to make it operate and parts replaced that were unrepairable. Total material costs amounted to $140.

After intense road testing more modifications have had to be made or are in progress.

Badjelly the Witch

Senior school students presented 'Badjelly the Witch' in three performances to junior students and invited guests last week. Their final performance, to family and friends, was the perfect finale and it was wonderful to see how much these students improved their delivery over the three days.

This drama production was all about the students, inspiring them to perform on stage and building confidence to perform in front of an audience. Plans are afoot for next years' production, and this time public performances are planned.

More information will be sent out early next year. If anyone wants to support our school in any way by helping to make costumes, help students to learn lines, building a set or props please ring the school office and leave a message for me. Any offers of help gratefully accepted. Thank you -Vanessa Lumley

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