Kia ora parentss, Caregivers and whanau

We are certainly experiencing the beginning of winter now! I trust that everybody is staying warm and safe.

Tongariro School is now an EnviroSchool in conjunction with Taupo District Council and is undertaking a long-term sustainable journey of learning and action.

This is the logo for Enviroschools.

Enviroschools is a nationwide programme supported by Toimata Foundation, founding partner Te Mauri Tau, and a large network of regional partners. Early childhood centres and schools commit to a long-term sustainability journey, where tamariki/students connect with and explore the enviornment, then plan, design and take action in their local places in collaboration with their communities.

With this in mind in terms of developing more sustainable practices there will be a change in the way the fortnightly newsletters will be delivered to whanau. We have gathered as many email addresses as we can from the details provided on enrolment and will be using this as the means of delivering the school newsletter from now on. For those whom we do not have an email address or we do not have one on record you will still receive a hard copy via your youngest enrolled child at our school. You can also see the newsletter via the Skool Loop app (you will need to download the app on your phone) or here at the school website. These actions will cut down significantly the amount of photocopying and use of paper in this communication exercise. By using the avenue of email to deliver the school newsletter, it is very important that these addresses are kept up to date. Should we have an email returned as not deliverable then the office will be in contact with whanau to update these details.

Nga mihi

Steve Allen


Tributes – Drama Performance

Dear Principal, Mrs Lumley, and Senior Students,

I had the great pleasure of attending the matinee performance of Clue: On Stage last Thursday, 27 May. There were four of us from Pukawa and your production fulfilled all our expectations.

We applauded the wonderfully designed programme which must have taken a huge amount of effort and time. Well done for such a wonderful piece of art.

The voices were all projected with great volume and clearly received by your audience who never missed a note.

The dramatics were appropriate and timely, well-rehearsed and presented, a credit to the performers. Behind the scenes someone worked on the petite fours and needs praise for the wonderful selection presented for our pleasure and to the accompaniment of the visuals. Well done!

Set construction had been totally in keeping with the production, appropriate and in retaining the overall feeling. It had been a big job with a lot of thought.

At the back there has to be a crew of stage hands, sound facilitator and director of lighting. No problems there. Their work ably assisted the overall effect so positively. A job to be proud of.

And finally, the positivity of the cast must be conveyed to the audience and there was a great feeling there. Well done everyone.

May you all have great success in future endeavours. You are on the right path.

Very best wishes, Alby Shaw.


Hi Vanessa,

I've finally got a quiet moment so just wanted to say a huge thank you and congratulations to your entire team for the most entertaining school production. It was all amazing, the actors, the behind the scenes team, the awesome set, the storyline, the hospitality kids and the food was all on point!!

Last but not least I want to thank and congratulate you for all your time and effort you put into our kids!! Morgan never thought she would be able to pull anything like that off and she has grown so much through the experience. So thank you all, we are pretty proud of the whole lot of you! Gregory & Karyn Foxall.


Ka mau te wehi Vanessa and Co.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself this afternoon at the matinee performance. When I entered the hub I was pleasantly surprised by its transformation. The tables were set beautifully, the food fresh and inviting, the tea and coffee hot and much needed.

Your casting director was spot on. Each played their part perfectly so much so we had laughter coming from the very young to the much older audience who attended.

I can only imagine how much better they will get over the next couple of nights.

Well done everyone

Trish Konui

2021 School Terms

Term 2

2 May – 9 July

Term 3

26 July – 1 Oct

Accord TOD 11 August

Term 4

18 Oct – 13 Dec

Accord TOD 2 Dec

2021 BOT Meetings

No meeting in July

23 August

20 September

15 November

6 December

Drama Performance ‘Thank You So Much’

Drama is a three phase operation, on stage, back stage and behind the scenes.

With each performance I have seen an improvement in delivery from our actors. They have lifted their game and carried their characters well, and I am so proud of them all. As one student put it this morning ‘they have developed the characteristics of their characters’, which was rewarding to hear, but thinking about it later I wondered if it was complimentary, given the murderous intent this lot have all developed over the last few months!!

All of this would not have been possible without a lot of work that goes on to support their role. It has been as always, a real team effort.

Behind the scenes

The huge job of food preparation and serving: Ylva Maxwell and Dalene Potgieter, [sitting in the audience] and tonight Sue Marquet, Hospitality students, and senior students

Setting up of tables for first ‘High Tea’, and then 2 evening performances – again Sue Marquet and Denise New and of course student help. I arrived this morning to find Denise and year 9 student Janaya at the tail end of all the dishes –what angels!

George Jensen and the construction crew – for making items as needed for that realistic look, a butcher's block and the fire surround, and now storage boxes for our lights. Whaea Jess and Whaea Ngaire, teacher aides- for your creativity in the classroom.

Kerry and Sharon in the front office - for ticket sales and liaison with our audiences.

Recognition also to our lovely Hostess for Evening performances and make up coach– Chevana Tariu

Back stage – well actually set construction, painting, and hanging of paintings, antlers, curtains and general repairs when needed – Brenton Searancke

Stage hands – Mana, Ariki, Siniva,

Lighting, and sound effects – Logan MacRitchie and Caleb Evans

Volunteer help – Eve Jensen [sitting in the audience tonight]

On stage – My actors, both major and minor roles, congratulations on your commitment to your assigned roles, for accepting a role, attending rehearsals and seeing it through. You make me so proud.

Post production

If you were a member of one of our audiences – thank you. It was so rewarding to hear your laughter, and receive your compliments about our performances, and kai. We look forward to having you back again soon.

Clean-up of the set was also a team effort;

Brenton - amazing to have the deconstruction run so smoothly and as planned

VLY AKO - my runners, packers, folders, go to's, you are awesome and really appreciated.

Sharlyn and the trades group - who moved in to finish off with the deconstruction, returning of chairs and tables, plates, and trays etc.

Denise -thank you for taking my classes last week so I could give our students experience with performing on stage before our audiences arrived - I really appreciate the work you do for me and finally;

My senior drama group - you have been the best group of students to work with, not only for performance but for taking direction and seeing something through to the end. You took on your characters and made them come to life, well done. I hope you have enjoyed this experience as much as I have.

Mrs Vanessa Lumley


Some of our students attended the Taupo-Tongariro New Zealand Modern School of Music Competition in Taupo recently. There were over 80 entrants from the Taupo area, Turangi, and Tokoroa.

Isabeau, Max and Ashton Whitmore all competed and received some medals and certificates.

· Isabeau received 2 Silver, 1 Bronze, and 1 Very Highly Commended.

· Max received 2 Very Highly Commended and 1 Highly Commended.

· Ashton received 1 Very Highly Commended and 2 Highly Commended.

In addition, Marich Young-Moeke was among those who performed for the audience at the end of the competition and played 2 songs. He did a great job and impressed the audience. Well done to all!

These students are taught by local piano teacher Bev Campbell.

Cohort Entry and Introduction to School Dates

Tongariro School is part of the cohort entry Scheme. In schools which have adopted a policy of cohort entry new entrants are able to start school in cohorts but only after they have turned five. There are two entry points per term, one on the first day of term, and one at a mid-point during a term.

We would like to invite you to an “Introduction to School” time just before the beginning of your child’s entry date. It is a requirement that a whanau member be present with their child on this day.

On arrival to the “Introduction to School” day please come to the office area at 9.30am to be introduced to our management team and to be walked to Room 3 (our new entrant room).

The day will begin at 9.30am and finish at 11am.

If you have any questions, please contact the school office 073868684 and leave a detailed message for me to contact you.

Nga Mihi,

Amanda Sweet

(New entrant teacher and team leader of year 0-2)