Tongariro School Cordially Invites Parents and Caregivers to their Senior Student

Academic Cultural & Sporting Awards

For Years 11 – 13

On the 10th November 2017

Time: 12pm to 1.30pm

To celebrate the successes of our tamariki for 2017

Kia ora Parents and Whānau,

A very warm welcome back for term four – a very important term in the school’s academic calendar. Our senior students only have three weeks left before the commencement of NCEA exams. We are also having Year 7-8 testing beginning soon to help them to gain experience in the examination environment.

The property refurbishment work is progressing well with Rooms 1-11 virtually finished their internal repaint. There has also been some work done in the central area of Cannons Hub to smarten that up. The Board has received confirmation of a proposal having gone to the Ministry of Education in Wellington for consideration around a complete rethink of our school property and the development of a Master Plan going forward.

As part of the process of organizing for the 2018 academic year, Year 10-13 students and their whānau are invited to a Course Selection Evening this Wednesday night beginning at 5.00 pm in the staff room. This is a great opportunity to talk with teachers about anything to do with subject choices for 2018 for these students.

2018 School Dates

At the Board of Trustees tonight it is anticipated that they will approve the following dates for 2018.

· Term 1 Wed 31 Jan – Fri 13 April

· Term 2 Monday 30 April – Friday 6 July

· Term 3 Monday 23 July – Friday 28 Sept

· Term 4 Monday 15 Oct – Wed 12 Dec

Lastly congratulations to Airon Reweti-Clark who has been voted in as the new Student Board of Trustees Representative. Airon will be attending her first BOT meeting tonight.

Nga mihi,

Steve Allen


Parent Teacher App for Mobiles

This is a reminder to parents and caregivers to download the Parent Teacher Calendar App on to their phones, it has the absentee, calendar, notices, newsletter, info and contacts functions. The Notices function will send you texts but you have to tick the event pertaining to your child/ren.

Year 9 - 10 Te Reo Māori

H Oneroa

Te Ao Hurihuri/ Changing context / World

5.1 Communicate about past habits & routines

At the end of this term learners should be able to apply their pumanawa to opportunities in Tūwharetoa.

How can we in Tūwharetoa apply our pumanawa to Te Ao Huruhuri? (the changing context/global) – How can you apply your pumanawa / natural talent to the local area of Tuwharetoa? i.e. for employment.

Publish a poster about Tourist attractions in Tūwharetoa – fishing, lake – kayaking, swimming. Motutaiko, Ngatoroirangi, river, trout centre, mountains, snow sports, crossing, hiking, walks, historical sites, Tokaanu Hot Pools, Pukawa. An annual event. Tūwharetoa: Maunga, Awa, Moana, Whenua.

Complete a template C.V. applying for employment at the attraction you chose. Example: crossing guide, fishing guide, bus driver.

Write letter describing self & pumanawa. Who – mihi/whanau/live. Why you would like the opportunity to be employed there. What you have to offer i.e. pumanawa.

Level 5 – locative/Kei hea – taha – Maui – Matau. Expressions of Time - I mua i… before. Whai muri mai … After the. I muri iho … Afterwards…

Continuous consolidation:

Te Tiriti o Waitangi/Term 1,2 & 3 grammar structures/Powhiri/Tūwharetoatanga/Ngā Uara a Kura/ Pūmanawa / NZ Land Wars / Te Ture Whenua Māori / Māori Landonline, celebrations – rautau, Taiopenga, Tuwheratanga Whare, Koroneihana, ō rātou marae. Level 5 language reconsolidate terms 1 & 2 & 3 I aha? I a wai? Na wai? He aha te mate? He aha ai? Ahea? Nona hea? Kia hia? Kei a wai?

Visual Art

Isabel Rangiwananga

Drawing Boot camp- Students will complete a drawing boot camp that goes through foundation drawing techniques including: How to use pencils, line, contour, form, positive and negative space, perspective, hatching, cross hatching, rendering, blending, pointillism, and compositional techniques. This will culminate in an A3 final still life drawing.

Assessment: Developing Practical Knowledge- Level 5

Students will apply knowledge of selected conventions from established practice, using appropriate processes and procedures.

English Year 9/10

Vanessa Lumley

E-asttle Reading and writing testing to meet achievement objects at Level 5 of the curriculum for both reading and writing

End of Year Assessment: Show understanding of unfamiliar written text(s) through close reading, using supporting evidence - Show understanding of how texts are shaped for different purposes and audiences

Based on NCEA L1, students will demonstrate ability to identify language features, and their meaning, within text

World of Mathematics

Year 9 - Resits on tests, Transformation Geometry and an Exam covering Number, Geometry, Algebra, and Statistics plus an E - Asttle test

Year 10 - work on some NCEA credits for next year, measurement, an exam covering Algebra, number, geometry, and Statistics, plus e -asttle test

Physical Education:

This term we are developing social skills through Social Summer Games. Social games can be great icebreakers to making new friends and moving in different circles to widen our social network. Having the confidence to be able to join in games whether at the beach, park, etc. can be the difference in becoming engaged, confident and accepted members of the community.

Games that we are covering:

· Golf

· Tennis/padder/short tennis

· Futsal/summer soccer shortened version

· Cricket/Long Ball/non-stop cricket etc.

· Volleyball

· Touch