Requesting an Evaluation FAQ

How do I request a Special Education evaluation for my child?

Parents may request Special Education evaluation for their child at any time. Requests for evaluation can be made in writing or verbally.

To whom should I direct my request?

Submit your written or verbal request to your child’s teacher. Following your request, a Student Intervention Team (SIT) meeting at your child’s campus will convene to consider the request.

How long should it take for the campus to respond to my request?

The campus must respond to your request within 15 school days.

Will my request automatically be granted? For a request to move forward, both you and the Student Intervention Team (SIT) must agree an evaluation is needed. If the campuses feels an evaluation is not needed, they will provide an explanation in writing within 15 school days of your request.

Can the intervention process delay my request for a Special Education evaluation? No. Even if your child is receiving supports through the intervention process, giving more time for intervention implementation should never be used to delay or deny a parent’s request for evaluation. At any time, a parent makes a request for an evaluation, the evaluation must be considered within 15 school days regardless if your child is currently receiving intervention or not.

If you have questions about the evaluation process or if you feel your request for evaluation has been delayed please contact:

Samora Davis

Director of Intervention/LOTE

Tomball ISD

281-357-3100 ext 2052