Tree of Life Travel Club

Welcome to Travel Club!

Your Travel Club Sponsors Mrs. Ugland, Mrs. Batchelder and Mr. Sherrod have a passion for travel, and we want to share that love of new places and new experiences with you! The purpose of Travel Club is to bring together Tree students who have a passion for learning through travel. Students will be encouraged to participate even if they can’t travel on our trip.

Students: Stay up-to-date with Travel Club by joining our Google Classroom (code: s7xhw8)

We are headed to Greece! Spring Break 2019 brings the opportunity for students to immerse themselves in ancient history through Greek culture, archaeological ruins and classic New Testament cities. Time in Athens and the Greek Isles is a perfect chance for students to build confidence, gain independence, experience history, and connect with the Bible!

The trip is open to all students who will be in 9-12th grade during the 2018-19 school year.

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