News Bias/Fake News Resources

News Bias Resources - these sites organize news stories based on their biases, breaking them down as left, right, and center. Media Bias/Fact Check also rates sites based on how much of their reporting has been found to be true.

Fake News Resources - these sites specialize in debunking fake news stories and verifying facts.

News Bias Chart:

The chart below organizes popular news sites by Journalistic Quality and Partisan Bias.

News sources within the Silver Circle (in the middle) are categorized as having high journalistic standards and minimal partisan bias.

Please note that this chart is not perfect. It reflects one person's view and should be used as a rough sketch rather than as strict guidelines. It does, nevertheless, demonstrate that not all news sources and stories are created equal. Always critically evaluate any source you are using. If you would like to further explore the idea of news bias, the resources above provide more comprehensive analyses.