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Interim Library Hours

From Friday, September 16th to Monday, October 2nd the library will have reduced hours.

Mon. - Fri. 8am-5pm

Sat. & Sun CLOSED

Tutoring services will also be suspended during the break. Regular library hours and tutoring services will resume on Monday, October 2nd.

Thank you for your cooperation and have a great break!


Complete the weekly puzzle for a chance to win!

Every week a crossword puzzle featuring TOEFL vocabulary will be available in the library. Turn in the finished crossword and have your name entered in a drawing for a weekly prize!

The First Week's Winner... Yuki Aoyagi

The Second Week's Winner... Sara Kobayashi

The Third Week's Winner... Rika Sasaki

The Forth Week's Winner... Kyoka Maeno

The Fifth Week's Winner... Yuki Satomi

The Sixth Week's Winner... Harumi Shimamoto

The Seventh Week's Winner... Hiromi Kawaguchi

The Eighth Week's Winner... Takeru Kawamura

The Ninth Week's Winner... Kayla Tacey

Thank you for your participation!!!