Search Committee

2017 - 2018 Settled Minister Search

During the 2017-2018 church year, the members and friends of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tucson are in search for a settled minister. This is an essential part of congregational polity, how we self-govern as a church community. We, ourselves, choose our minister.

All of us are in search. We do this together as a congregation.

By May, 2018 the search committee hopes to recommend one ministerial candidate for consideration and a vote by the congregation.

We invite all UUCT members and friends to fully participate in the activities sponsored by the search committee, and to do so with enthusiasm, joy and zest.

Please follow the progress of the search via this website and other UUCT media.

Please address any questions or comments you have to any search committee member or visit the "Contact Us" page on this website.

Aston Bloom: Congregational Record, Reference Checker

Beth Britton: Vision Circles, Reference Checker

Steve Kraynak: Chair, Reference Checker

Todd Maynard: Websites/Technology, Survey, Reference Checker

Janet Moore: Treasurer, Reference Checker

Margo Newhouse: Hospitality, Candidating Week Coordinator, Reference Checker

Wendy Gordon Weeks: Secretary/Communications, Neutral Pulpits, Reference Checker

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2017-2018 Ministerial Search Committee

(Back row, l to r) Margo Newhouse, Wendy Gordon Weeks, Todd Maynard, Steve Kraynak

(Front row) Janet Moore, Beth Britton, Aston Bloom

"No choice is more important to the future of a Unitarian Universalist congregation than its call of a minister. A thorough, uncorrupted, and mutually respectful search process is the essential first step in the hoped-for partnership of lay and ordained leaders. For both minister and congregation, the process is strenuous, exciting, and informative. It can also be frustrating and discouraging. But generations of lay leaders and ministers testify that such a process, followed well, richly repays the time and effort it requires." -- from the UUA Transitions Office Settlement Handbook

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