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The Near Now...

Later today, early tomorrow, sometime next week, the world began to end.

They came from other cosms—other realities— conquerors joined together to steal the Earth’s living energy...to consume its possibilities. The Reality Raiders brought with them their own realities, turning portions of our planet into someplace else.

Led by a mysterious and ancient individual known only as the Gaunt Man, the High Lords each claimed a piece of Earth for themselves. Each established his or her primitive, pulp, dark fantasy, cyberpapacy, high tech, or horror realm on our world, setting the conquest in motion.

In some realities, the raiders encountered stiff resistance from the residents of Earth and those defenders full of Possibility Energy, the “Storm Knights.“ They rose up against the Gaunt Man and his allies, battling back with the full fury of their will and eventually overthrowing the invaders.

But this is not one of those realities. In this reality, in this time, the High Lords are winning.

Our World

Core Earth

This is the Earth of high drama and action movies. Very similar to our own reality just with a little of that movie magic. This reality has amounts of Possibility Energy that have never before been seen in this part of the Multiverse. The Raiders are here to deplete this poorly understood energy and leave the Earth a dry husk.

The Invading Cosms


Great Britain and Scandanavia have been invade by a realm of high magic and dark fantasy. Heroes and villians are embodiments of Light and Dark powers.


France and Spain are now under the rule of the Cyberpope Jean Malraux. Those who refute the rules of the GodNet are persecuted as heretics and sought out by the Inquisition and the Church Police.

Living Land

Much of North America is home to the Living Land, a savage and primal jungle of mysterious ruins and creatures like the dinosaurs that we knew to be long extinct.

Nile Empire

Northeastern Africa has become a world of 1930s pulp fiction heroes and ancient Egyptian religion rules by the mysterious Pharaoh Moebius


Hopelessness and dark unspoken horrors from the Victorian era are whispered about in close circles towns and villages of India, Pakistan and the Far East.

Pan Pacifica

Unclear whether related to the invaders or not, a plague of unknown origin is passing quickly through eastern Asia. Something sinister is afoot, although the roots are unknown.


Russian has seen tragedy resulting from the invasion of the technodemonic Tharkoldu race. Nuclear weapons used in defense have rendered a large portion of the Russian landscape a wasteland.