Young People's Ministry of the Southeastern Jurisdiction

The United Methodist Church

GYPC 2018 Delegation Finalized

What is GYPC 2018?

The Global Young People’s Convocation (GYPC) is the global event of United Methodist young people. It is held once every four years for the purpose of:

  • Celebrating the mission and vitality of young people in the United Methodist Church
  • Raising the joys and concerns of young people from the global community
  • Developing young people as leaders for effective ministry in local churches and communities of faith
  • Highlighting emerging trends in youth and young adult ministry
  • Providing a common forum that embraces the global reality of the church.

​The GYPC also has a Legislative Forum, which is the venue for proposing and discussing legislation related to issues of concern to young people. The 2016 General Conference of the UMC approved a proposal to change the legislation part of the GYPC from a formal “assembly” to a “forum.”

When and where is GYPC 2018?

July 18-22, 2018 | Indaba Hotel | Johannesburg, South Africa

Who can attend GYPC?

There are voting and non-voting delegates to the GYPC. Voting Members participate in the discussions during the Legislative Forum and vote on matters requiring a vote. The voting members are elected in the year preceding the GYPC. Delegates to the 2018 GYPC need to be elected this year (2017).

From the Jurisdictions:·

  • 5 youth (ages 12-18, at the time of GYPC)
  • 5 young adults (ages 19-30, at the time of GYPC)
  • 2 adults who are Annual Conference Staff in the SEJ

In the Jurisdictions, the delegates are chosen through a process outlined by each Jurisdictional Young People’s Ministry (¶1210 Section 3 of the UMC Book of Discipline).

What will it cost to attend?

  • Estimated cost including airfare from Hartsfield-Jackson, Altanta International Airport in Georgia as well as housing and registration will be between $2500-$3500 per person.
  • Additional cost may include airfare from the individual's location of origin to Hartsfield-Jackson, Altanta International Airport in Georgia as well as additional meals, snacks, and souvenirs during travel and onsite in South Africa.
  • Meals during the GYPC 2018 are included in the housing and registration fees. For a detailed breakdown of estimated costs click HERE.

Are scholarships available?

  • A scholarship process through Global Young People's Ministry will be announced later HERE.
  • Unfortunately, the SEJ Young People's Ministry Conference Staff Organization does not have funding to provide scholarships.
  • Applicants are expected to coordinate and provide the full financial commitment for the trip.
  • Some annual conferences may have funds available to help support individual candidates however it is the responsibility of each candidate to seek out those opportunities for support.

How were delegates chosen?

In the Southeastern Jurisdiction the following process for choosing GYPC 2018 delegates was followed:

  1. Online nominations of candidates. 25 young adults and youth nominated.
  2. Nominees received an invitation to complete a more detailed application.The nominee was invited to complete the full application as well as secure required references by August 31, 2017. 18 young adults and youth completed the application process.
  3. Review and discernment of candidates by the SEJ Conference Staff Organization. 9 Conference Staff persons reviewed the applications.
  4. Key conference staff and leadership from around the SEJ review the candidates selected by the SEJ Conference Staff Organization for diversity and inclusiveness requirements, make any necessary adjustments, and finalize the delegation as official. [October 1] Delegation was finalized in Denver, CO on October 10, 2017 by SEJ leaders at 2017 UMC National Young People's Conference Leaders Gathering.

SEJ Delegation to the 2018 Global Young People's Convocation finalized.

The SEJ Conference Staff present at the 2017 UMC National Young People's Conference Leaders Gathering in Denver, Colorado from October 9-11 met to finalize the delegation. Five young adults and five youth have been selected from a pool of 25 young adults and youth to fill 10 voting spots. Two conference staff personnel were selected to lead the delegation and will fill the 2 voting spots for adults in Ministry with Young People. The SEJ delegation is as follows in alphabetical order by age group:

Young Adult Delegation

  • Todd Cox - Tennessee
  • Epiphany Fields - Tennessee
  • Parker Kitts - Holston
  • Eliza Love - Kentucky
  • Elizabeth Murray - South Carolina

Youth Delegation

  • Daya Brown - North Georgia
  • Tyler Cattenhead - South Carolina
  • Lucas Lamb - North Alabama
  • Lindy Lynch - South Carolina
  • Hollen Terry - North Alabama

Adult Delegation

  • Emily Chastain - North Alabama
  • Chris Lynch - South Carolina

Required Tele-Retreats of chosen delegates.

  • Those chosen to be Voting Delegates will be required to participate in Tele-Retreats* with key SEJ Conference Staff prior to GYPCLA 2018. [Quarterly starting in the last quarter of 2017] *Tele-Retreats will utilize video conferencing to connect all voting members together for a time of fellowship and learning.
  • Other non-voting delegates are encourage to participate in these retreats.