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Office Phone: 775-673-7124

Office Location: RDMT 207Q

Courses I teach

Read 135

This course is designed to help improve reading comprehension, critical thinking skills, vocabulary, reading rate and study-reading techniques through reading and analyzing a variety of texts, including book-length works and textbook selections from various areas.

EDU 201

This course examines the foundations, current trends and issues in curriculum and instruction, the roles of teachers, and issues of diversity. Includes field experience.

EDU 203

This course surveys various types of exceptionalities with an emphasis on etiology, physical, and educational characteristics.

EDU 206

This course examines effective everyday strategies and methods of behavior management that promote student success in elementary school classrooms.

EDU 207

This course explores the various genres of children's literature as well as discusses censorship, historical background of children’s literature, literature programs, and book evaluations.