It is no exaggeration to say I am everywhere.

So I've divided up my links into three categories: student resources, my blogs, and my social.

Student Resources

joel b hunter how to write college papers resources

This is a fantastic resource for help with research for writing assignments, understanding the ins and outs of academic writing, shoring up your grammar and mechanics, style guides to the MLA and other handbooks, and loads of media content with workshops, sample papers, and vidcasts.

Dr Hunter's Blogs

I've got two Websites where I have written a lot of original material related to both my personal and professional interests. I occasionally link from my courses to specific posts within my blogs that I feel will help students with specific knowledge and skills.

First up is my main academic website. Don't let the "Honors Education" throw you. I believe anyone is capable of honors-level work. That's kind of the point of my site: to draw from my experience as an Honors teacher and break down the hardest parts of challenging courses for my readers.

Next up is my "fun" site: Hogwarts Preparatory Academy. Here you'll find my noodlings related to Harry Potter, J. R. R. Tolkien, and fantasy literature in general. One day I may create free courses on this site!

The Social Sphere

Didn't I say "everywhere?" You can find me on your favorite social platform: