Effects of Human Activities on Natural Disasters

Our work program is planned to enable students to consolidate academic learning andextend and apply their understanding, and encourage them to solve real-world problems, to participate in social and political life and in volunteers associations, enhancing their sense of European citizenship, as well as essential humanitarian values. We will develop participant's lifelong learning and employment prospects through building a range of transferable skills such as entrepreneurship, communication skills, engagement in mobility, self-organizing and independent and collaborative learning as well as to encourage the participation of young people in democratic life in Europe, through non- formal learning activities.

We think that our project, offering positive models within the context of safety and sustainability, will contribute to the achievement of the goals of Europa 2020 i.e. increase the number of students studying science at further/higher education level, increase employment within innovative research industry and develop technologies related to the environmental impact of human activities, which in turn address the issue of climate change

We believe that our project also will strengthen the academic achievement of all participants, with particular regard to STEM competencies and improve competences of teachers in inquiry based learning, in CLIL teaching and in student-centred pedagogical approaches