Orchards Academy

Our Aims, Vision and Ethos

The school's vision is to provide every student with a safe, supportive learning environment, one where all people within the community are valued and make positive contributions to the school community, and where students develop into responsible independent members of society.

In order to realise this vision, we use the four Ofsted strands to guide us:

The achievement of pupils

All students are set targets based on prior attainment and teacher assessment. All students will receive a target grade for the end of each Key Stage. Parents, Students and Staff will be able to use this grade to ensure that each student reaches their full potential. This process is used in every subject to ensure student progress across the entire curriculum.

The quality of teaching

With the inclusion of new interactive white boards in all classrooms, there has been a real acceleration to the quality of teaching that takes place. A comprehensive staff development program has recognised the good and outstanding practice within the school and has disseminated this throughout the teaching body. A tangible team ethos has seen staff working across curriculum to ensure that lessons are engaging and inspiring for the students.

The quality of the leadership and management

By correctly managing the staff and curriculum within school, we aim to instill students with a love of learning; to prepare them for challenge but also for change; to teach them the value of questions as much as to value the answers and to understand that we are all learners. We are preparing students for life at a time when change will come ever faster, in an ever shrinking economy. Their ability to be flexible and respond to challenge and competition will become ever more important.

The behaviour and safety of pupils

We focus on empowering our students to succeed in all aspects of life. Our care for your child and their social and moral development is our primary concern. You will receive three communications per year with regard to progress. You will be invited to a Parent Consultation Day each year to discuss steps forward with subject teachers. In addition, there will significant advice and guidance when your child selects their option choices.

Headteacher Welcome:

We are extremely proud to be leading Orchards Academy which aims to provide a caring yet challenging curriculum and environment in which the talents of each student are nurtured and enabled to flourish.

As a small school we quickly develop a strong sense of belonging. This strong sense of community allows students to grow personally and academically as they trust and feel supported by a staff body that knows them well. This results in a calm, orderly and purposeful atmosphere where students enjoy their learning, make good progress and feel safe.

We have high expectations of the staff who work here at Orchards Academy. Irrespective of their role they lead by example and act as positive role models for our students. All staff, whether they be teaching or support teams, aim to deliver the highest quality teaching and learning for all ensuring that the needs of our students are effectively met.

The Senior Leadership Team has a high presence, every day they visit lessons in order to support staff and students and to ensure that the quality of teaching and learning is consistently high. Where need is identified staff are provided with high quality professional development so that the focus remains on outstanding practise.

Our increasing and future success is based on an effective partnership between students, staff, governors and the local community.

Our aim will always be to build and maintain positive, trusting and long lasting relationships so that all who study and work here have the ability and confidence to be successful.

Natalie Willbourn - Executive Headteacher

Andy Lazenby - Headteacher