Drop off and pick up


At Stapleford Abbotts Primary Academy we do not have a big school car park to drop off and pick up children plus we are situated on a busy main road. We have staggered our drop off times to enable as many parents as possible to park in the Community car park (on the far right hand side only) and to use the turning circle within the car park. For the safety of our children and families we discourage parents from parking on the main road and to use the car park and turning circle instead.

Preschool 8.45-9.10

Start of day - Preschool and school parents can drop off from 8.45 and be greeted by Miss Chappell (preschool manager) via the Community Hall gate. Parents can use the turning circle to simply hand their child to Miss Chappell or park in the car park. Due to us not having much parking at the school it is preferable for parents to use the turning circle as it allows for a steady flow of drop offs. It is supervised by staff who will open doors and safely help children out and into safe hands. If parents have an older sibling in school they are welcome to drop off all children at 8.45 where older children are directed into the playground which is supervised by staff until 9am and preschool children can go in at the earlier time.

Alternatively, if parents prefer not to drop off preschool children using the turning circle we encourage parents to arrive at the later time of 9am when congestion in the car park has eased, You will be able to bring your child via the main school entrance.

End of day - Parents collect children from the Preschool at 3pm from the front school gates.

End of day Admas class and Cuire classes - 3pm pick up from the front of the school

End of day for Jemison class, Banksy class, and Hawking class is at - 3-15pm pick up from the main school playground