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September 2021

This term the children have been settling in really well to being back at Pre-School, we have enjoyed a wide range of activities learning all about each other, ourselves and where we live. In our math sessions we have been learning about numbers and counting and have been doing just as well in our phonics learning sounds and attempting to write the letters of the sounds we are focusing on. So far we have covered 'm' 'a' 's' and 'd'. We have enjoyed exploring and playing outside, completing obstacle courses and a bit of planting.

Our new learners have made a fantastic start to the new academic year, settling in confidently and learning new independent skills away from home. Our new Deputy Manager, Miss Chappell, has been astounded with how well our children have been learning how to play collaboratively, take turns and make friends. Preschool has been filled with singing, dancing and plenty of creative artwork and exploration. Parents are able to find out what is going on in school each day with the Tapestry app and can also share home achievements with staff too. Preschool have joined the rest of the school for Celebration assembly on a Friday and have had a number of certificates celebrating successes.

June 2021

This is an exciting half term in Preschool! This half term the children will be learning the story of ‘Room on the broom’. The children have already started learning it and they love the part of the story where the dragon comes! We have been very busy decorating witches and making handprint brooms to decorate the role play corner. We would like to turn our kitchen area into a magic shop!

Little Thinkers are also very excited that the time has come to send the runner beans home. They grew very well last half term and now it's time to take them home and see how big they can grow.As we are getting closer to some of our class going to big school, the games in the garden are getting more creative and we have seen some brilliant obstacle courses in ‘the floor is lava’. Just look at this picture of Matty and Oliver who found creative ways to stay off of the floor!

December 2020

We have had another fabulous week in Little Thinkers. The children have been learning all about autumn and have made some fabulous autumn crowns. The children used scissors and glue sticks to create their lovely crowns.

We have now finished our story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and the children have created some lovely work. They have done lots of colouring in, painted pigs and wolves and have learned the story really well. We will continue to leave out toys and crafts to inspire them linked to a story they now know well.

For well –being day, the children joined in with a yoga session. They really enjoyed pretending to be different animals!

November 2020

Little Thinkers have had an exciting return to school. We have been reading the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and the Big Bad Wolf has appeared in our role play corner! Using the story map, the children have been joining in more and more with our story and the actions. By the end of next week we should have some fantastic story tellers!

The children have also been acting out the story in the garden. Watch out! Here comes the Big Bad Wolf!

In our maths, we have been learning about 2D shapes. The children have made some wonderful art prints using shapes from our classroom. We have been looking at circles, squares, rectangles and triangles.

Outside, we have looked at numbers and used number names in our play.

We also had some wonderful mechanics in to fix the cars!

October 2020

We have had a wonderful time in Little Thinker's this week! To help us develop our vocabulary and understanding of the world, we talked about pumpkins and where we have seen them before. We then cut the pumpkin open and scooped out all of the insides. The children used brilliant words to describe the texture like ‘slimy’ and ‘sticky’.

To help use develop our motor skills, we have used lots of play doh this week. We cut, pinched and rolled the play doh to make cakes, buns and other pretend food. The table also had numicon available to print numbers. The children counted the dots to help them to see how many they could fit on a piece of play doh.

To help us develop our communication and imaginative play, we had construction toys and sand. Bob the builder has worked very hard this week!

We hope the children have enjoyed their first few weeks in preschool. We look forward to seeing you all after half term!

October 2020

We have had so much fun in Little Thinkers this week! The children have been using thread to make necklaces and to wrap around our ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’ characters. This has really helped the children with their fine motor skills which should support them when they begin to write.

In maths this week, the children have been amazing us with their brilliant counting. We have been singing songs to ten and counting characters from our class story. The children have got really good at taking turns and always tell me when I make a silly mistake like missing out a number or counting the same thing twice. They really enjoy correcting me!

As part of our expressive arts and design, we have been making hand print brown bears. The children used brown paint and then stuck the circle on for the head. They stuck on googly eyes and now we have wonderful handprint brown bears to decorate with.

September 2020

We have been very busy in preschool this week. The children have really enjoyed the story of 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?'. The children can now retell parts of the story and make predictions using the pictures to help them. At our maths table, we have put lots of numbers out to see if the children can match them. We are really happy to say that we now hear number names a lot more at play time. Outside in the garden, we have really enjoyed making sandcastles and riding on the bikes. We look forward to another fun week in preschool!

Here are some of the fun learning activities we use in Little Thinkers.

September 2020

We are happy to be back in preschool, playing with our new friends and learning the routines of our day. We have been happily learning how to ride bikes, build with bricks, dance and splash about in the water and sand trays. Here are a few photos of our first few days.