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OFSTED January 2022 'We are proud to be a GOOD school'

Year 6 SATS 2022

We are incredibly proud of our children's 2022 Year 6 SATS results. The children, parents and staff worked exceptionally hared to achieve the best results in the school's history. Well done to all!

Reading: 90% (National 74%) Writing: 90% (National 69%) Maths: 80% (National 71%) Combined: 80% (National 59%)

'Success for all'

A warm welcome to Stapleford Abbotts Primary Academy from Ms Speller - Headteacher

We are a Primary Academy set on the borders of Essex and Havering serving the community of Stapleford Abbotts since 1887. We have Acorns preschool on site, so our children can join us the term before they trun 3 years old.

Highlights from Our OFSTED report (Jan 2022)

  • Children wear their uniform with pride’

  • ‘Teachers have high expectations of pupils in both learning and behaviour’

  • ‘Pupils try very hard’

  • ‘They are motivated by the possibility of wearing a cape (of Success) or medal to show that they have demonstrated key learning behaviours such as ‘independence’ and 'drive'

  • ‘Methods for teaching reading across the school are highly consistent’

  • ‘Pupils enjoy reading’

  • ‘Leaders identify the essential knowledge and content that pupils should be taught in each subject’

  • ‘Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) have their needs identified, planned for and met. Consequently, they progress through the curriculum alongside others’

  • ‘In EYFS, children are active participants in their learning’

  • ‘Pupils are taught about being respectful and tolerant’


Our children are polite, respectful and have a high regard for being a part of a truly amazing school.

The staff are dynamic, highly motivated, and committed to working as an exceptional team of professional teachers and support staff. The school’s morals and values are set in our vison of Success for all which recognises that all children are individuals who can achieve their own very best version of themselves.

At Stapleford Abbotts Primary Academy we are committed to developing well-rounded, confident pupils who will take risks, persevere, embrace challenge and who are resilient to set-backs allowing them to develop their own unique abilities and talents. In order to enable this, we strive to create a growth mindset culture, a culture where collectively pupils and staff model, encourage and develop the growth mindset of themselves and others.

What is a growth mindset?

The brain is a muscle that needs training including making mistakes to help it grow. This idea opposes the concept of a fixed mindset, a belief that we are born with a fixed intelligence that can't be stretched. Our staff encourage children to develop particular LEARNING BEHAVIOURS of DRIVE, RESILIENCE, CONCENTRATION AND INDEPENDENCE which build successful learners who are not afraid of challenges and set backs but instead to be self-motivated learners. ' Simply put, a growth mindset celebrates the belief and an attitude of 'if you can't do it YET, with repeated EFFORT you can!

Capes of success

To celebrate when children demonstrate our important Learning Behaviours children wear a CAPE OF SUCCESS. Our older children wear a MEDAL OF SUCCESS. 'Super successful learners' wear their cape with pride as they know that all children can be successful if they behave in a way that inspires them to try their best.

Resilience - Being able to recover quickly from difficulties

Drive - Go over and above to achieve your goals.

Concentration - Think hard about your learning and strive to learn more and remember more.

Independence - Have the confidence to 'have a go' on your own.

Milo, our school dog, treats all children on a Friday who have worn a Cape or Medal of Success to a special walk around (with plenty of cuddles) our spectacular field and teachers nominate children each Friday who have demonstrated successful learning behaviours to join Ms Speller and Milo for Hot chocolate and games.


We offer a curriculum that educates and nurtures each child, enabling them to achieve high standards of academic attainment whilst also enabling them to become capable, caring and confident learners, ready to take their next step in the journey to adulthood.

Your child is important to us and they will be treated as individuals. Learning is active and engaging, they will be motivated, stretched and challenged because we want them to achieve their very best. We want your child to be in a school that is a happy one and where everyone is valued for the unique qualities they bring to their learning journey here.

'A little bit' about Ms Speller

Throughout my 22 years in Primary Education, I have had the privilege to teach and lead in a variety of settings including Infant and Junior schools across Essex. Six years ago, I was appointed as Assistant Headteacher in an Essex Primary school and progressed to Deputy Headteacher a few years later in a large three form entry Infant school. My passion is English which I have successfully led for over 15 years with my driving force always being to inspire children to unlock the wonders books have to offer, sparking imaginations and encouraging young writers to write with enjoyment. To hear a child express their enthusiasm about a book they have read is music to my ears!

My philosophy is to have an 'open mind and open door' with the people I work with, children and families, with respectful relationships, honesty and fairness being at the heart of a successful school community.

I have two teenage children, a very energetic working cocker spaniel called Milo and a perfect weekend for our family is to paddleboard along the beautiful waterways of Essex, soaking up the scenery and trying to avoid swans!

I am proud to be the Headteacher of Stapleford Abbotts Primary Academy and strive to build on the school's successes as we move towards a bright future; one of educational excellence and 'success for all'.

Ms Speller

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