SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability

SEND Provision

SEND provision at the school is strategically led by the SENDCo

SENDCo –Mrs Lock

Our SEND team include LSAs, HLTAs and our PE Leader

SEN profile of the School

There are currently 144 children (Preschool to Year 6) on roll at our school. 11 of these children are on the SEN Register, representing 12% of the total number of children.

There are a further children throughout the school who are being monitored closely, and who receive specific class support/intervention.

Inclusion lies at the heart of our beliefs and values at Stapleford Abbotts Primary Academy. Our values of respect and equality underpin everything that we do and are visible in every member of the school community.

We understand that our children come to school with different experiences and challenges and learn in very different ways, however, we believe that nothing is a barrier to learning. Whether it be a special educational need, physical disability, English as an additional language or other factors, we provide all the support possible to ensure that children make good or better progress, meeting their potential in everything they do. We work to ensure that all children leave us with strong moral values and the confidence to thrive in their bright futures.

Stapleford Abbotts has a passionate and committed inclusion team that make it their core purpose to ensure that children with addition needs or challenges to learning get the very most out of their experiences at school. This includes team members who support those who are entitled to Pupil Premium funding, members who lead the provision for children with special educational needs and learning support staff who provide emotional support and nurture for vulnerable children, allowing all to access learning and the curriculum with confidence.

Through high-quality teaching, support, nurture and understanding, we believe that every child can achieve the extraordinary.

Some of our LSAs work as key workers with pupils and the others are class based working with small groups. Our PE coordinator works with all classes during their PE sessions.

All of our students on the SEN registry have a ‘passport’ showing their individual needs, what works for them and what doesn’t. They also have child-centred ‘One Plans’ . Other students are monitored from time to time to consider if their needs require further intervention and support. In the majority of cases the rest of the students in the school successfully achieve their academic goals by the provision of ‘High Quality Teaching’ by every teacher across the school.

Our Children:

  • Receive additional support for reading, writing, spelling, speech and language, EAL and numeracy.

  • Complete assessment tests in literacy and numeracy.

  • Meet with specialist staff and mentors from school and external agencies.

  • Can spend their lunch times away from the main playground area by joining in lunch time club.

The SENCO and Inclusion lead attend the weekly SLT meeting to communicate issues regarding SEN and students on the SEN register.

Priority Areas of SEN Development in the school:

  • Continuously track the progress of SEN students across the school in order to set-up and deliver effective intervention in the appropriate areas.

Key SEND Websites

Please see the Essex local website offer for more information about the services Essex provides for children with SEND

Please see the havering website for more information about the services Havering provide Local Offer | Havering Directory