Our Vision and Values

Vision statement

Inspire – Believe - Achieve

  • Through our curriculum and pedagogy, we will provide a richness that will inspire all our learners.

  • We will build in every learner a self-confidence to believe they can succeed

  • Together everyone can achieve

Through a first-class education the school enables all children to become confident, successful, resilient and independent members of society. Staff create a high performing and inspirational learning experience, where our children embrace a love of learning and are motivated to succeed.

Core values

At Stapleford Abbotts Primary our core values of Inspire, Believe and Achieve are of paramount importance to us and are embedded in every decision we make for our pupils. We aim to provide a high quality, innovative education ensuring that every child achieves their maximum potential and beyond. In an environment where Safeguarding is paramount.

We have an unrelenting focus on teaching and learning. Every teacher, teaching assistant, administrator and technician is focused on improving the learning opportunities for our children. We are confident that we can give your child the skills to become lifelong independent learners and give them the best possible platform to prepare them for university, college and twenty first century life.

'Free thinkers'

To develop our children's ability to think 'outside the box', we ask a philosophical question each Friday such as 'Why do elephants have big ears?', 'What do birds say to one another?, 'Why is the sky blue?' and 'What is love?' Free Thinking Friday provides opportunities for our children to answer questions which do not have a specific answer, allows for philosophical thinking and engages children in interesting discussions with their peers.