Beach Learning

Beach Learning

Pebsham Primary Academy is situated very close to the beach. As a school, we feel it is vital that our pupils remain safe and knowledgeable about the beach and beach safety.

We have our own Beach School, Seashore Explorers that sits alongside our curriculum. We offer opportunities for children to learn about the beach and take part in fun, motivating and rewarding beach opportunities.

We also teach beach safety, both through these sessions and also through our assemblies. Children learn about tides, safety techniques, keeping our beaches safe and clean and also flag safety.

We have our own beach within the school as well. Our beach is situated in the heart of the school and is surrounded by the classrooms. It is a fantastic place to be and is a real suntrap. If classes or individual children cannot access the main beach, our beach is always there - we can use it for most of the Seashore Explorer activities - just not wave jumping!

Our beach even has its own pier!

Children can access this safe environment during lesson time with their teachers and at lunchtimes it is a warm spot for the staff to relax and enjoy their break.

The Beach within our curriculum

As well as Seashore Explorers, we also use the beach as part of our class learning environment. Classes will visit the beach during lessons to complete learning such as their art, RE, PE, maths or literacy.

Here are some examples of learning, in different curriculum areas, taking place at the beach: